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Last year community groups in the East Midlands benefitted by £338,000 worth of top quality professional advice in support of their organisations.

Derbyshire groups alone received over £60,000.

The Landlord was prompted to refurbish all three floors for Derbyshire Carers

The services are provided free by local professionals through ProHelp, an organisation under the Business in the Community banner, and are available to any Community Group or Charity with a qualifying requirement.

Applying is dead simple.  An initial phone call, a meeting to chat about your organisation and a short application form is usually all it takes.  There’s no mountain of paperwork to wade through, no deadlines to meet, and a decision is usually made within days rather than months.

Property advice is always in demand.  From surveys and lease advice at one end of the spectrum to feasibility studies for construction projects and lottery bids at the other; Surveyors, Architects and Engineers are always kept busy.

Not only that, Derby ProHelp has recently recruited an Environmental specialist.

Lawyers and Accountants advise on the likes of Charitable Status, Incorporation, Employment and Business Plans, indeed almost anything, except disputes.

As the cuts bite and charities become pressed for funds, more are becoming ‘business savvy’; they’re into Marketing and everything that goes with it.

Derby ProHelp members can provide Marketing and PR advice as well as Graphic Designers, IT Consultants and Web experts.

Not only does ProHelp provide charities with a valuable resource ProHelp also provides the professionals with a valuable networking environment in which they can demonstrate their skills and expertise to their peers and build relationships that transfer to their business life.

The commitment is not great; you decide how much time you can afford.  Meetings are quarterly and are short and to the point.  Projects vary and are rewarding and are worth far more to the organisations than the cost in time to the professionals.

So if you work with an organisation that could use some free advice or if you would like to find out more about joining as a professional checkout the ProHelp web site at or Facebook East Midlands ProHelp.

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  1. Lin Hinson says:

    I am part of Pro Help and totally endorse what Chris has said. It is a useful all round experience, not to mention the feelgood factor of being able to do your bit for the community! Have a look at my website to find out about some of the employment services I provide via Prohelp

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