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Builders Build; Surveyors Survey

Monday, January 31st, 2011

The roof is sound but water leaks through erroded joints in the stone parapet

Damp is the enemy of buildings.  While it stays outside it is largely ignored but when it leaks inside panic sets in.

I was called recently to a delightful Georgian house  on the fringe of the city centre.  Water was pouring-in through the ceiling in two rooms and other rooms were slightly affected. 

Some years ago a roofer had advised the owner to re-roof the property but, inspite of subsequent ‘repairs’, the leaks have persisted.

I checked-out the roof; it was an OK job, not the best, but it certainly wasn’t the cause of her leaks.

It took only a few minutes to identify the perished stonework in the parapet wall as the culprit.  Joints are open and stones are badly eroded.

I know a good local builder with some exellent stone masons who I know will be just right for the job.

It’s ‘Horses for Courses’.

A roofer knows about roofs;  a mason can build you a wall, but rarely do tradesmen have the all-round knowledge required to cross the boundaries of their trade; an expert surveyor does!