TRANSITION: Thinking the unthinkable

Remember the petrol tanker drivers’ strike in 2000?  Panic buying, fuel rationing, general mayhem; fresh food shortages in the supermarkets.  

That sudden interruption in supply affected us, mainly as ‘motorists’, and for only a few days. 

But what happens when the oil runs out?

Think…is there a singe part of your life that wouldn’t be affected?

Stats show that world-wide oil production has past its peak; new finds are fewer and harder to exploit and, like it or not, our lifestyle, or that of our children, will be forced to change; there will be no choice!

Prices will rise as oil becomes scarce.  Producers will protect their resources.  Users will be held to ransom. Wars could break out.

It’s not ‘IF’ the oil runs out, it’s ‘WHEN’!

The ONLY alternative is to plan for NO OIL.

But who is going to take the lead?  It’s not even on governments’ agendas so why do we need to be concerned today?

‘Transition’ is about changing the mindset; the way we do things; the way we live.  It’s not about ‘Climate Change’ or ‘Saving the Planet’. It’s not about reducing your fuel bills or the ‘Green Agenda’.

‘Transition’ groups worldwide are taking up the cudgels; there are some serious players involved but the many fanatical, do-gooder, eco-warrior types could be a distaction for businesses trying to get to grips with the consequences.

The big challenge for businesses is: 

How do we trade and compete in the world as it is today while preparing for the world as it will be tomorrow?

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