Demolition Sheffield

There’s a tendency for some to guard our ‘Heritage’ in the mistaken belief that every old building should be preserved just because it’s old.

 Granted, ‘fashionable’ planning polices of the day have resulted in swathes of ill-conceived demolition.  The heart and the heritage have been torn from so many of our inner cities, to be replaced with faceless glass and tin-shed shopping centres.

 Will future generations bemoan their passing?  I think not.

 But dying industries have left industrial conurbations with acres of redundant industrial buildings, dinosaurs, of no viable use and of no architectural merit.  Preservation is not an option; they are ripe for redevelopment.

 One such is a site in Sheffield where we are project managing the redevelopment for a national developer.

 An old tool-making factory was to be demolished beside a busy main road and could have distracted drivers for weeks. 

 To avoid that, the facade was retained to hide the demolition going on behind.  Then, early, one wet Sunday morning, the explosive boys worked their magic and felled the front in one fell swoop.

 Check it out at Factory demolition

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