Welcome to Barlow & Associates

If you're considering...

  • Building, Extending, Alterations or Refurbishment
  • Buying Commercial Property
  • Renting Business Premises, or
  • If you're a Landlord

We can save you Time and Money and Protect your position.

Cost is fundamental to the viability of any construction project.

If you're considering building we provide early cost advice to confirm the viability of your project. This avoids wasting time and money on schemes that don't 'stack up'.

Development is complex and contains unknown risks. Barlows will identify the risks and highlight the costs to limit your exposure. Then we can manage your project right through to completion to make sure you get a good deal.

We aim to avoid disputes and claims by using careful tendering procedures. This reduces doubt over the scope of work and provides for greater certainty of the final cost.

If you're purchasing existing property we'll appraise its condition, highlight the defects and 'flag up' future problems. You could drive the price down if it needs some repairs and budget for future maintenance.

For Landlords we can organise repairs and prepare Dilapidation claims against their tenants.

Tenants of commercial property can be very exposed. Most leases are on 'Full Repairing' terms making the Tenant pay for all repairs and redecoration. Subtle changes in lease wording can make a big difference to the Tenant's obligations. But they often go unnoticed when the lease is drafted.

Before you sign-up we will inspect the premises, review the lease and work with your lawyer to limit your exposure. And when you leave we can advise on what work you should do and challenge Dilapidation claims from your Landlord. The stakes can be high and the law is complex making expert advice vital.